Front or Back wall diffusers

Front or back wall diffusers, I have a 14' x 24' x 8' stereo audio room with Wilson Sasha DAW speakers. I want to know which wall to place it on. I have seen many photos with diffusers on the front wall, this is the most recommended, but I have doubts. Please some suggestions.


Just load up the room with a couple dozen 5’ - 6’ artificial Ficus trees. They are cheap and very effective. Use along the walls, between the speakers and alongside and behind the listening position.

Ficus! Yeah...or go with furniture like I do...I like my "room sound" and no, you can't come over and hear it.

You have a very nice system.  If you diffuse the front wall between the speakers they will image even better which is really saying something.  The idea of diffusion is to scatter the signal so the reflected sound doesn't return to the listener as a single competing signal.  You don't want a second signal competing with the direct signal from the mains.  As a rule of thumb one cannot over diffuse a room so you can be aggressive with the amount of area the diffuser covers on the front wall.  If you diffuse the front wall and use bass traps in the corners the DAWs will really sing.  Good luck and Cheers

This is my back wall, I have absorption panels just below my on wall slim subwoofer. To the right you can see the Auralex Pyramid Sustain diffusors which are back filled with polyfill so they double as bass traps. It doesn’t have to be either or. In this pic you can’t see the treatments to the left of the sub but it alternates, absorbers to the left of the sub, then diffusors, then absorbers, etc.

As others said, every room & system is different. There are no cookie cutter rules. I personally do the following:

Diffusers in the front and back wall. Depending on the distance from the back wall, the impact they have there is bigger. My diffusers are actually combination diffuser absorption and bass trap (GIK Alpha 6” and 4”)

Absorbers and diffusers (a mix of them two) in side walls and ceiling. Lots of experimentation needed. Actual work. Listening and REW measurements. There is no free lunch.

Base traps in both front and back corners.

In my opinion and experience, the coverage area is important. You cannot just slap a few panels here and there and call it a day.

‘Good luck. Lots of work but rewarding at the end