Front ported speakers recommendation

I am planning to get a pair of front ported speakers for my bedroom. I found most rear ported speakers need to be away from the rear walls, which won't fit my bedroom well.

My budget is $2K-$3K. What would you recommend?

I have a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagio for my main listening area. I like them a lot, but want to get something else for my bedroom. Thank you.
My bedroom is 18'X19' and has typical bedroom furniture. My audio gears consist of slim Devices Transporter and Counterpoint NP100. It is a hybrid amp with 6SN7 tubes and bipolar outputs.

I mainly listen to this setup before going to bed and weekend mornings. I'll be happy to get cheaper speakers if they are good.


Given what you have said, I would suggest the NHT Classic 2 or 3. They are acoustic suspension/sealed box speakers. Besides sounding good, they look good and can be placed on shelves, near rear walls, etc. They sound very musical and almost 3D like with tubes.


JM Reynaud Trente on sale now on Audiogon for $1500, with tubes, they will blow you away (not mine, just sharing tip).
Thanks all. I am not a fan for monitor speakers. They tend to be shy on bass and need stands to hold them up. Then they tend to be top heavy and get knocked off easily.

I also have a pair of Usher V-602s. They work well with my 300B SET amp in my home office. But they are too bright when driven by the Counterpoint NP100 in my bedroom. I think Usher speakers work well with amps with slightly recessed highs.