Front Ported vs. Rear + Distance from wall

If your speakers are front ported does this enable you to place them closer to the rear wall?


How close?

Yes, you can place front-ported speakers closer to a wall. The reason: Boundaries reinforce low frequencies, and ports are tuned to reproduce low frequencies. The distance depends on what your ears perceive as sounding good!
It should...,however;I've owned some front ported speakers that needed plenty of room and a few rear ported speakers that are quite at home close to the rear wall(like my Canton Karat M-70's).It all depends on the speaker's tonal balance,associated equipment,your room and ultimately your preference and taste.There are no simple answers in audio.It's all trial and error as well as symetry.

Bojack and Larry are both right - usually front ported speakers are easier to place but it all depends on the individual speaker, room, and tastes. Unfortunately, the only way to know as regards a particular speaker is to try it in your room.