Front Speaker Cable Lengths

I must admit I'm not as upto speed as most in this forum on audio information. I was reading from the package of a Monster THX Component cable that they say it's necessary to run the same length of cables to your 3 front speakers. I'd never heard of that does it really make much of a differance? I just had all my cables cut to accurate lengths in conjunciton to the receiver so I don't have too much excess cables hanging around!! Any input would be appreciated!!
It is nonsense. Length differences in speaker cables are inconsequential in normal domestic situations (unless they are on the order of a kilometer)

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Actually, from a speaker cable manufacturing perspective, I would strongly state that all the cables in a surround sound system should be the same. Better yet, if you are ever going to contemplate adding speakers to another room, the cables in your surround sound system should therefore be matched to that future potential length as well. That is why I strongly suggest consider putting speakers in your back yard, ideally at the point on your property as far away from your house as possible - ya know, so they speakers can face the house and not annoy the neighbors so much. And yes, when doing this, all your surround sound speaker cable should be upgraded to match these lengths as well.

If you have any questions, just send me a blank signed check. Granted you will never hear any difference if you don't head my advice, but its a great revenue source theory at least.
The only real reason for buying matched lengths in a set of cables is for their resale value.

I'd agree with Kal. I see lengths of 1.25m and 3m and I think, what if my amp is in the middle and the 1.25 doesn't reach? Or, from your perspective, what if you decide to rearrange?

Trying to cut costs when you purchase new will cost you even more when you try to sell.