Frustrated McIntosh Owner

I’ve been a satisfied McIntosh separates owner for quite awhile. Two months ago, I got the bug to upgrade, so I decided to trade-in my MC462 stereo amp for MC611 monoblock amps. I reached out to my local authorized dealer that I’ve done business with for years, we worked out a deal and placed my order. He told me he expected he would have the monoblocks from McIntosh in about a month.  I called my dealer yesterday asking for an update and he’s now telling me that McIntosh won’t tell him when my order is shipping, let alone if they have been manufactured yet.  He even went so far as to inquire with his McIntosh regional rep.  I trust my dealer and know that Covid has stressed a lot of manufacturers, but the lack of communication from McIntosh to their dealers has got me concerned. Basically what I’m getting is, they will ship when they ship- it could be in 8 days or 8 more weeks, possibly longer.  Have any of you experienced any issues like this with McIntosh lately?  Is this a sign of any bigger issues with them?

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