Full circle and thinking about speakers

This all started a couple of months ago by buying a pair of old B&W DM305 speakers and i'm completely new to all of this..
Then a  Rogue Cronus, Nottingham TT w/ a Lyra Cart. Waiting for an EAR phono stage to arrive Monday.
On the digital side - a Pro-ject streamer and Schitt DAC (place holder but it all sounds very decent).
So now I'm back to the speakers, cables and interconnects. I would like something at a level with the other gear - not that the B&W's are bad, they just aren't great.
What I like about the B&W's: clear detailed and focused.
What I don't like: At times the highs are glaringly high and when I expect there to be gobs of bass, there just isn't any to speak of. Jazz trios and quartets sound pretty awesome.  Rock not as good.
Condo life, which means my listening level is on the low side. Wall moving bass is probably not what I am looking for.
Listening space: The room is 14' x 25' and I haven't settled on which direction to arrange speakers. Currently they are projecting across the 14' width. That may very well change.
Any recommendations of where to start the search are highly welcomed. Speaker types, specs etc...as I know very little.
Let's say under 2K and used is fine if it gets me to a higher level.
Thanks  all
Speakers are such an extremely personal choice. However, I own a Rogue Cronus II,
and have had JM Labs (Focal), B&W 705 S2, Sonus  Faber Venere 2.5’s, and now Sonus Faber Sonetto V’s. All I can tell you is the Rogue matches extremely well with Sonus Faber speakers. At least worth consideration from experience. Best of luck!
@buckheadmac.....Re 'lover levels'...(Yes, I know you meant 'lower', but....)....

Now, that's worth a comment or an exploration. ;)
All eyes to the screen....*G*
  I recently went back to open baffle from back in the day, Dahlquist DQ10s to various box brands, IMF TLS80s (awesome speaker) Definitive, Ascend Acoustics, Revel, BW, etc to Spatial Audio Lab M3 Sapphires. They are taking a little effort to get them dialed in, but I won't go back.
Clayton Shaw, the designer and owner is also great to deal with.
 Driving them with Rogue Amp100, Rogue RH5 preamp they really are starting to shine on all types of music. I've had them for about a month.The artist Dominique doing a song called Shine is overwhelming. The bass fidel and the vocal harmonies are just amazing.
The Cronus is supposedly pretty amazing. It sounds like a great place to focus your system around. As has been mentioned, Tekton speakers offer a lot of value for your buck. Not freakin pretty but I was definitely surprised by what I heard coming from my Enzos when I plugged them up. I think that's where alot of the fan base comes from for that company; you can see your money isn't being wasted on overpriced veneer etc. every dollar goes to better bracing and better implementation. If I had that amp Id roll with the Pendragons or double impacts for that size room. But the Maggies will make your jaw hit the floor with transparency and spaciousness! You could try the LRS or the .7? The Tektons gots the energy and drive (the are great for rock) and the Maggies have the clarity and sheer beauty. 
The Tektons are like standing in front of the stage and the Maggies are like an outdoor concert. I need a bigger place to get another pair.

Honestly though, if youre really want to try stuff out just order stuff and dig it or send it back or sell it to upgrade! 
Its all part of the journey right? 

With 100w you can run most regular speakers. 
Also, KEF. I've very much enjoyed every speaker I've had from them. Rich and smooth. Not as present as ZU and Tekton but nice to relax to. 

Hope you enjoy the ride what ever you decide!
Have you considered a sub? I know It seems off topic but hear me out. I just bought a REL sub and I couldn't believe it but the highs sounded more sparkling and detailed than before. The midrange sounded more fleshed out and the bass is so textured and tight and nuanced. They made my speakers sound way better than they deserve to. I love my Enzos but with that sub blended in so seamlessly it was really surprising. Maybe you should consider trying out a REL sub like a T/7i and see if that doesn't make the BWs sound better? I hear SVS is good too but I have no experience with them.