Full loom of the same cable brand vs mixing and matching.

Some say, for synergy sake, you should use the same brand of cabling throughout your entire audio system (a full loom).  However, as an audiophile for over 25 years, I've never adhered to that philosophy.  As a matter of fact, I currently use three different brands of cables in my audio system with excellent results.  Do you stay faithful to one brand of cables in your audio system, or do you mix and match, as I do, and why?  


I believe that cable manufactures use their same level of cables throughout when designing and listening to them. I mean why not? It would be strange to use another brand.

But that being stated, unless we have all the same manufactures equipment including vintage, each component would probably perform differently with different cables.

So, mix and match to find the best cable for a particular component.

However, for the first time in a very long time, I do have a complete loom of one brand. I have made my system quite simple, with just a streamer/dac directly to mono block amps.



Does the internal wiring of the DAC / amp / speaker / etc. match that of the interconnects and power cord? Then how’s that system “full loom?” Hipster kitsch-phrase marketing, anyone?

Feels like I read about this kind of socioeconomically-based exploitative jargon in an article by Bloomberg’s. But I don’t recall reading the full article - that would’ve cost [too much] money. 😉

@kennymacc -

 As a matter of fact, I currently use three different brands of cables in my audio system with excellent results. 


        Synergistic Research for my Main, monoblock amps' interconnects,  PCs on Stealth XXX Purifier and Subwoofer amp (into outlet).

                                    Zu Mothers as PCs on everything else

                                 Kimber Kable interconnects on all sources.


                                                     Happy listening!

Early on I had closer to a single loom from one manufacturer. As I heard more stuff and made more mistakes, but learned from it, I started and have continued getting the best sounding cable I felt like paying for and now have a very good sounding system with many manufacturers contributing. You have to be able to trust your ears and it helps to have good friends who have stayed with you for a while and give you second and third opinions along with good recommendations. I definitely have some good helping friends for 10+ years that assist me.




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