Full-range Floorstanders: Can you recommend?

I've been thinking of the following floorstanders:
1. Coincident Total Eclipse
2. Legacy Focus (trashed at AA)
3. Energy Veritas 2.4i (because my little Energys so good)
4. Solioquy 6.5

The inexpensive 2nd system I recently assembled helped me finally learn the kind of sound I want in my main system (which I've been working on and failing at for the past 2 years).The speakers in my 2nd system are some small floorstanders: (Energy e:XL26)-high efficiency/ 94db (8 ohm) two 165mm woofers and one aluminium tweeter on a Spherex baffle, loaded by a reflex port on the front. (an odd looking speaker) Source: Cayin CD15B (stock PC); 20 year old NAD 3155 integrated. Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II IC's, speaker cables: Tara Labs Omni Prism. Wiremold Power strip for cdp. In this setup the Energy speakers are very Full, clear, clean, and dynamic with strong midrange weight (midbass is very present) The low bass has weight too. This system picks up a lot of detail in the mids and highs, hits, hard in the mids as well as down low. Recorded music is clean and clear but these speakers really, really shine with music recorded live. (sonics are "crystal clean like you're at the venue"). Cymbals, snare drums, drum sticks, sax,trumpets all sound clear and palpable bite. So I am looking for floorstanders with these qualities; No leaness, Full sound: Strong weighty low end, presence and weight in the midrange (midbass) and crystalline highs that give a sense of the venue. The speakers should be clear and open on recorded music but outstanding on live music. I listen to jazz almost exclusively but like the midbass required when I want to throw on the occasional Rock. My room is a 12 X 20 X 8 rectangular family room. Budget: $3-4k used.

My current main system: Dussun V8i integrated, Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II ic's, Modwright Sony 999ES, Jolida JD 100 (modded), Shuyata Hydra 4, Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun sc's, Definitive Technology BP 7000's. Thanks for your suggestions
Bring home and audition a pair of Vandersteen Model 2Ce Signatures. A new pair will be best as they do improve by vintage. They are under $2k new and will give all the rest serious competition. Older ones from the last few years will also impress.

IMHO they're the best value in Hi-Fi.

I hope you have fun with whatever you end up with!
I listen to 95% acoustic live/recorded jazz and will never go back. In this price range I like the maggies best and Vandies are close. I looked up your amp, it doubles to 500w in 4, though damping factor only listed at 200. I would expect it to handle the 1.6s great and be good on 3.6s. Nothing creates the small group sounstage, in the room feeling at this price range like the mags. They are also very clean and true, but you must play them at at least moderate volume to get the effect. I would put them on your long wall and listen nearfeild if it is an option. You will think you are front row !!

I own both 3.6s and 1.6s

good luck
I listen mostly to blues and jazz. I was a long time fan of Vandersteens and i almost was sold on a pair of Aerial 10-T (but the bass was kind of tubby on a lot of things...room i heard them in maybe?. I also listened to a pair of maggies and liked them a lot but they were a littel shy on bass and a little bright...again likely a room issue since it was in a sales room. Once I found Dunlavy athenas the choice was easy and I've never looked back. Solid bass, great mids, the best soundstaging i've ever heard. There is a pair here on gone in oak for about 3K or maybe a bit less. The cantatas are similar and show up for as little as $2500. They are a flat out steel at those prices. i run mine with VTL MB185 monos and have more than enough juice, though there are days when a 450 calls my name but i think that is more GAS (gear acquisition syndrom) than anything else.