full range or mini's and a sub

Guys I'm not the most seasoned audiophile so I'm sorry if this is a stupid question.  However, here it goes...  I have heard many audiophiles talk about the magic of mini-monitors and their ability to disappear and soundstage.  Many say that it is very difficult to get the same advantages with full-range speakers.  Still most reference systems seem to be built around full range speakers.  If there is a true magic to mini-monitors why don't I see more reference systems with mini-monitors and subs for the lows?


The monitor/sub route is certainly valid, but it can cause the OCD parts of the brain to fire up due to the numerous options presented as far as placement, crossover points, volume, etc. a good 2-way floorstander or larger monitor can provide satisfying bass, coherence and the ability to disappear. You won’t get the bass power of dual subs, but it can make for a more relaxing experience, if that’s what you want. I have a friend who recently gave up the subs and found the same. I know subs can be trouble free once properly integrated, but many audiophiles always have the urge to tweak anything that can be tweaked. Your choice. 

yeah I'm not a huge tweaker.  Really in my dreams I add some subs maybe a swarm and a Bach and call it a day.  

  @asmithkash   Really in my dreams I add some subs maybe a swarm and a Bach and call it a day. 

An Audio Kinesis Swarm is brilliantly functional and an economical design that will serve you regardless of the speakers used or the room their in, very smart. The way a swarm loads a room is simply stunning. All the best.   

I agree with full range plus subs.  Works for my av system, tho I get by with just a good full range system in my music room.