Full Range Speaker $15-$20000 Range?

My system consists of Thor Audio tubed 150 watt monoblocks,
Thor linestage, Thor phono stage & a Thor Dac(ALL Tubes)
with a Cary 306/200 which I use as a transport, Scoutmaster
by VPI table and a Clearaudio Discovery cartridge, and finally a pair of Quad 988;s, loudspeaker with a Audio Physics Minos Subwoofer. My room is 20 X 20 with 12 foot ceilings. The room has been completely completely treated by Mike Kochman of Echo Busters who has done a
wonderful job and I can give my highest recommendation.
The problem is that the sppeaker lacks in dynamics and soundstage. The sound is great with small scale chamber music, solo voices, and solo piano, but it cannot reproduce
an illusion of an entire orchestra and it softens dynamic contrasts, for example the tambourines in Capricio Italien
by Tchaikovsky's are softened. In a non elecrtostatic
speaker the tambourines snap like they do in real life.
I would also like a speaker that does not require a sub. Without the sub on my system the lows are very disappointing. I also need a fairly efficient speaker, because 150 watt a side won't drive a Magnepan and many others. I listen exclusively to 2 channel music, mostly classical, jazz, and classic rock. Does anybody have any personal experience with any speakers that I can audition?
You can have your cake and eat it too. Go to www.innersound.net and find your local Innersound dealer. For $20k you can get the Kaya Reference which comes with the best eletrostat panel that I have ever heard, and an incredibly well intergrated powered subwoofer/crossover. Pretty sure they will drop a pair off for you to audition.

Good luck.

PS - additional recommendations would include the above mentioned Wilson's and Revel's, and I would add the sublime, and much less expensive Paradigm Signature S8's. Great full range speaker.
If you want openness try the Vandersteen 5a they are the most open I found and have the biggest soundstage. They also have built in subs so you get true biamping and work wonders with tubes amps since the amps supply the mids and highs. I use quicksilver v4 120w and it is more than enough. I also upgraded to the 303/300 it is a improvement.

However the other part of soundstage is are the speakers positioned optimally. If not try pulling them out about a foot or two from where they are sitting if near a wall or next to things. I'm sure you have done this but just wanted to mention it.
I second 1markr's suggestion. I had a lot of speakers in the past and the Andra II are simply the best sounding of all. Great dynamics, transparency and an incredible "real" sound: you can easily imagine to be at a live event. Try to listen them, you won't be disappointed.
Congrats on your electronics -- great stuff.

The Wilsons and Revels would not work well, as they all drop to 3 Ohms or lower in the bass -- the vast majority of tube amps, even very good ones like the Thors, won't sound right on speakers with these impedences.

As for traditional speakers (non-horns, dynamic drivers), the Verity Sarastro is top speaker that would work, although they exceed your budget unless you can find a pair used. The smaller (and very fine) Verity Parsifel Encore is more on-budget.

The powered speaker idea of Vandersteen 5a's or Genesis works. In the same vein, a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneris with a top subwoofer (Aerial, REL) would sound great, but perhaps leave you wanting on big orchestral and rock.

There is of course the whole universe of horn speakers and horn-loaded hybrids like the Tannoy Westminsters.

The new Von Schweikert VR-7SE would definitely be my first choice, but it would stretch your budget.