Full range speaker recommendation

Looking for recommendations for full range speakers. 

price range is sub $6000. Current setup is Jeff Rowland 501 Mono Blocks, Jeff Rowland Capri Preamp, McIntosh MCD-350 SACD, Cambridge CXN streamer, Rega P6 with Songbird low Mc. 
Room is 17’x15’2” with vaulted ceiling. 
Currently have ATC SCM 11V2 with two REL S2 subs. 

any insight would be greatly appreciated 🙏

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Klipschorns…I have a Jeff Rowland Continuum 500 integrated powering my Khorns. The results I hear is nothing short of amazingly phenomenal pure analog sounding music. Very dynamic with superb textures when playing hi-res music. 

California Audio CD Ikon Mark Ii is my CD player

Has analog and digital (18 bit) output

works very well 

keep or sell for new??