Full range speaker recommendation

Looking for recommendations for full range speakers. 

price range is sub $6000. Current setup is Jeff Rowland 501 Mono Blocks, Jeff Rowland Capri Preamp, McIntosh MCD-350 SACD, Cambridge CXN streamer, Rega P6 with Songbird low Mc. 
Room is 17’x15’2” with vaulted ceiling. 
Currently have ATC SCM 11V2 with two REL S2 subs. 

any insight would be greatly appreciated 🙏

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I had Maggie 1.7 and now 3.7i with dual subs in a 12 x 15 room and they sound fantastic

Following johnto’s comment and responding to an earlier poster, there is absolutely no reason why a pair of Magnepans will not work in that room.

Separately, (Saul Cohen), it’s not that the Watt/Puppies are difficult to place, but they require very patient and accurate setup. However, you could still find them a mite unforgiving tonally.

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I generally refrain from commenting on something, unless I have firsthand experience. However, in this case there is a bit of reference and context. 

I met Jim Salk a couple of times at audio shows and listened to his different models. I really wanted the SS 8's (~$9,000); the latest was the SS 9.5 floor stander. Retailing for around $12,000, they were some of the best speakers at that show. 

Long story not as long ... the newest Salk offering is the BePure 2 ($6,000). According to Jim Salk  "this design is the best sounding speaker we have ever produced". To me that speaks volumes, and I plan on getting a pair in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future. Hope that helps.

Best wishes and Happy Listening!

P.S. - Jim Salk is a professional gentleman, very knowledgeable/helpful, and willing to answer any questions. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever.  

Used pair of Vandersteen 5As.  Pretty easy to dive, powered subs, plenty of room adjustments, and they get better with associated equipment.  Have had most of the speakers mentioned above and these still play music for all types.  Not a Vandersteen fan boy.  They just do a lot of things correct and you can adjust to your taste.  We use ours in our music room with 30wpc class A tube mono-blocks.  Pretty amazing sounding for around $6K used.  Plus good resale value.

Many great recommendations here (I'd expect nothing less). Just wanted to mention a smaller provider, Tyler Acoustics (tylersacoustics.com). I bought my first pair of speakers from Ty Lashbrook way back in 2004, and he just made me a new pair recently. If you buy-in to the fact that all commercial audio equipment is built to a price point (which makes sense), and thus a mix of quality and (very often) somewhat lesser quality where you can't see it (cross-overs, wiring, connectors, and so on), you can't beat the price/quality ratio that Ty offers. His stuff is all hand-made to order, the build and craftsmanship are top-drawer, and all internal components are top quality. They sound great, and Ty is just a super guy to work with. Again, worth checking out for grins, if nothing else. Just wanted to mention, 'cause like I said, Ty's a great guy, he's been doing this for a long, long time, and a hidden gem, IMHO.