Full range stand mounted speakers

I would like to replace my Golden Ear Triton one.r speakers with equivalent stand mounted speakers.  Reason - Golden Ear is covered with cloth that cat’s love, and we are expecting 2 new kittens soon.




The other neat feature? That “cladding” — it’s glass. Two layers of glass, actually, bonded with a layer of absorbent material constrained between them. The result? Mass …..  That is one dense cabinet! Think 75lbs … each…..

Sensitivity 92 dB




I've never seen the One.Rs in person, but is it not possible to remove the cloth surrounds and run without them?

Options like the Harbeth 40.3, Spendor Classic 100 and Revival Atalante5 are all very nice, but not sure what your budget is, and these are all fairly large speakers.  

The A/D/S L810s that I owned for 20 years used a perforated metal grill.  They looked and sounded great and I still use two pair of their smaller model speakers (also with perforated metal grills) in ancillary systems.  Mine looked exactly like the picture below and I was stupid for selling them. 


Thank you all for your suggestions. I’ll see how the kittens treat the one.r’s. Grills are not removeable.