Full-Range to Monitors

Has anyone gone from a full-range to a monitor speaker? What motivated you to do so and were you happy with that choice?

I have tried many full range speakers in my room. Big Infinity Rennasaince 90's, Magnepan mg1.6, Horns. I just could not get them to throw a credible stereo image in my 12' by 24' long room. I have gone to Proac 1sc, with Marchand, line level, passive crossovers, driving  
Yamaha servo  subwoofers. I am very happy with it
"Time alignment is crucial..... JL’s auto EQ is excellent. Proper EQ and time alignment make all the difference."

Couldn't agree more.
I purchased my Rythmik F12G from an Agoner here, and he kindly offered the advice of paying attention to the sub's distance setting after room EQ for proper integration, noting that he added about seven extra feet in his listening setting in order to properly marry the sub to his speakers.
In my less-than-ideal listening room, after every run of my DSP/EQ, I end up adding anywhere from 8.5 to 9 extra feet to the sub's distance setting to get it to integrate properly with my MMGs. 
Goofy as it may sound, I get it dialed in to a tenth of a foot (typically after a half hour or so of fiddling around and driving the wife slightly batchit).
I went to Lipinski L707's. Great sound, but I needed 2 subs and I don't like subs. Want big sound you need big speakers and drivers. When I sold them and my subs I used Wilson Witt II's for 3 years, and now run Legacy Whispers. No need for subs ever with either speakers. I do run a small pair of Klipsch sb1 ;s in a second system but only when I don't want to use my tube system.YMMV.
After going back and forth between floorstanders and monitors, I feel that monitors provide a certain level of intimacy that I prefer. It’s like having a beer in your best friend’s cozy family room vs. going to a posh restaurant for dinner. Of course, most of my gear has been mid-fi at best, so maybe things are different at higher price points.
Over the years I have owned many full range and many monitors. I prefer monitors. They just seem to disappear, where floor-standers never did. It also depends on what monitor is being used. I prefer LS3/5A type monitors. Set em and forget em!!