Fun, small footprint, floor standers

Anyone have any suggestions for a "fun" to listen to, small foorprint (think PSB Alpha, or Monitor Audio RS6), floorstander?
I went with the Monitor Audio RX6. I had the Silver 5i's...just loved 'em; so, I took a shot on the RX6. Lovely mids. I have to give these guys credit for engineering a great product.
12-14-13: Mjmch2003
I went with the Monitor Audio RX6.
Good call. Those are nicely transparent, neutral, and detailed with good bass extension while being very easy to listen to.
Man, these are just excellent speakers. I recently upgraded to a Valhalla digital cable and the MAs continue to deliver in spades.

Has anyone gone from the RS/RX line up to the GL/PL with the ribbon tweeter? Thoughts?