Funniest Quote About Your Audio "Affliction"

When I was getting into the audio business and had gone to the extreme in wire it was pretty exciting to me to say the least. I had just got the best wire throughout my system I'd ever had, there were $3500 Aluminata power cords on both amps and the preamp, the new Electrocompaniet CD player had a Kaptovator as the Aluminata killed the life for some reason where the Kaptovator was just right. The sound stage, imaging, sense of space and detail was the best I'd ever heard.

I tell my wife she has to come in and hear one of her favorite songs at the time, Madonna's Frozen. So images were behind the back wall, in your face, two or three feet beyond side walls. She looks at me with a deadly serious expression and says that she doesn't like the way all these instruments and vocals are coming from all over the place, she likes the music to sound like it's coming from the speakers.

I was disgusted, I told her to get out of there, she was done. So first thing in the morning I called the owner of the cable manufacturer and told him about that, he laughed his butt off, we both did. He said that was just about the funniest thing he's ever heard about higher end audio, and asked if he could tell other people about it, I told him sure.
...In fact $3500 powercord is quite funny quote too despite how mow the rest of components wow.
Now I can laugh of everything mentioned here including components. I think you've misunderstood your wife bud.
Czar, I don't laugh at people who love music that have entry level systems who can't hear any difference in cable (well maybe I do), and I sure as heck don't understand them laughing at guys who can afford the best and are listening to systems that reveal things you haven't heard and don't understand.

Here's a good quote, and it's mine,

"Say what you will about ignorant audiophiles, they sure save a lot of money"

I like that, it's good, huh?
And by the way, the list on the Electrocompaniet EMC-1up was well over $7000, about $3000 used, mine was bought new.

Some people buy things new Skippy.
Its very hard and not cheap to get that SOTA system that reveals everything. Size matters in addition to quality. The best will be systems capable of top performance in bigger rooms.

Wires matter too. Those who have tried many at different price points perhaps and settled on what works best for them have done it right. No matter how much it costs. Others should take notice and learn. Once one is educated as to what the best can sound like, there is still a chance you might achieve similar results for yourself, maybe even for a good bit less.

You can't hit the target until you know what it is.