Funny and clever Axpona Ad

I got a big chuckle out of this promo ad for Axpona. Seems pretty true to the fact:

Axpona Ad

Made you smile, huh?
Al- I must plead guilty to not reading the fine print (or even noticing that there was any print!). Looking at their web site, it appears that they were in Orange for many years and now are right around the corner from Take 5. Since I discovered A'gon, I've pretty much given up going to retail stores...t'aint fair to take up their time when I'm too cheap to pay retail. Plus most of 'em don't stock anything I'd be interested in these days.
I came across many nice pictures of the show.


Made me feel like I was there. Especially the shots in rooms with curtains open showing tree limbs budding (I could almost hear the birds chirping). These rooms must have been static displays - no sound ?
thanks to the Audioshark website for the pics.
The guy in this ad is miscast. He should be a very balding guy over fifty and twenty-five pounds overweight with glasses and wearing garishly colored sneakers.