Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.

Funny how manufacturers of streaming and digital gear continues to chase that elusive analog sound. I thought digital was better?

Before you all get your panties in a wad I enjoy both Digital and Analog but much rather listen to an analog source than digital.

So today I see  Innuos Introduces The PhoenixNET – A Network Switch For Audiophiles @ only $3500.00

Guess I do not see the point you can get superior sound for say $2500 or less with a decent turntable cartridge combo and phono stage. Hell Clear Audio has an all in one for $2500.

I just don’t get it and I do not care to either.
@skypunk wrote
I am, I am into sound quality. It is quality not quantity kind of like the Airforce in Russia lots of cheap junk, One F18 can shoot down 16 of them at once..

If sound quality is your priority, why aren’t you using a R2R deck and playing master tapes?  Oh btw, the Russians in the early 80’s had a little fighter jet that you may have heard of named the Mig29. 

Funny how manufacturers of streaming and digital gear continues to chase that elusive analog sound.

I reject this assumption in it's entirety.  There's no such evidence of this being the case today.  Given this, the rest of the OP's argument is moot.

Analog sound quality varies quite a bit depending upon the vinyl quality and the setup quality of each particular turntable/arm/cartridge.

Analog does not always beat all digital, especially high Rez PCM and SACD playback.

Each can sound great and very enjoyable.

I like analog for music recorded before digital, and digital in the modern digital era.

The benchmark is only the best sounding recording in a particular format!
Analog is in the rear view mirror as far as I'm concerned. No disrespect for the medium because I have owned some of the best and it was very very good. But (goodness knows) with the likes of Tidal and the capabilities of quality DACs and access to virtually unlimited Master Quality recordings, streaming is a slam dunk... unless there's something in the equation that  has more to do with the intangibles than the enjoyment of a wide spectrum quality recorded music.
@erik_squires Yep now that you have chirped off my night is made. Analog is the benchmark and so is concrete.

@testpilot . IDK why are you not listening to a R2R deck? So now you have made my point, analog is the benchmark period. Mig29 jeez and how many? Not many they churned out 15’s and 17’s , 21’s like VW did the Bug.