Funny question, 170lb speaker and foam base, how to remove?.

I got large speakers shipped recently but I am yet to find a way to safely remove bottom foam base which the speaker seems to firmly sit on. 

The foam holds the speaker base, and the speakers feet are in the foam. Is there no way to safely remove the foam without wrecking it?.

Lifting the speaker is just not possible, nor tilting it, the foam is pretty thick and the speaker cannot be made to slide out of the foam since feet are wedged into holes in the foam base.

I wonder how people deal with large speakers shipped to their homes seems like quite a task unboxing and placing etc.
Extra bodies is the only safe answer.  I thought your "dealer" was going to deal with the setup?
Yikes!, have to get three bodies to try to lift it few inches so I can remove the base?. 

Well I do not understand the "dealer" is going to do this by himself. Is he going to come with extra bodies just for this?. 

I wanted to try placement and setup initial at two different areas in the room, decide and then call him. 
You can put down blankets and with help carefully lay them over to the side and remove the styrofoam and put the feet on then stand them back up.  I did this with Nola KO's that weighed over a hundred pounds. Also you need to go to Walmart type store and buy the biggest pack of four gliders you can find for each speaker.  Makes life a whole lot easier and then put the feet/spikes on after they are in place. I am really surprised that with all the discussions about auxiliary equipment you didn't consider the logistics of getting what you purchased in place in your room. Far more important than how many Benchmark amps you needed to buy. 
Whenever I unpacked speakers from their original boxes if there was no instructions I would unpack them in a high ceiling room. By placing the boxed speaker upside down and undoing the flaps on the bottom and removing foam. The speaker is now standing upside down with it’s feet or platform in the air. Then with the flaps folded back on the box and help from friends carefully lower the speaker to it’s side and move it close to where it will be and place it right side up with the feet carefully on the floor. Now all you have to do is undo the flaps on the top and take out foam. Lastly lift the box up and off the speaker. For very tall speakers, you must have ceiling room to do this, otherwise do as jackd mentioned with the speaker on it’s side. It is always good to get those carpeted furniture rollers as Jacd  mentioned, because they really help a lot with placement and movement.