Funny question, 170lb speaker and foam base, how to remove?.

I got large speakers shipped recently but I am yet to find a way to safely remove bottom foam base which the speaker seems to firmly sit on. 

The foam holds the speaker base, and the speakers feet are in the foam. Is there no way to safely remove the foam without wrecking it?.

Lifting the speaker is just not possible, nor tilting it, the foam is pretty thick and the speaker cannot be made to slide out of the foam since feet are wedged into holes in the foam base.

I wonder how people deal with large speakers shipped to their homes seems like quite a task unboxing and placing etc.
When I unboxed my T Refs (140 pounds), I laid them on their side over a padded bench in the living room and removed the foam from the base. Easy peasy. 
I'd get a bunch of couch cushions and lay the speakers down on them.  Then slide the speaker out onto a blanket or tip the box back up with the speaker still inside and then slide the box off the top.  I'm guessing you should have put the box sideways and taken the foam base off before standing them up.
The speakers are packaged in way that there is like a door. I had to slide them out of the packaging. No way turn them upside down and even if I did the ceiling is not high enough.

The dealer is quite a ways away like few hundred miles.

I am planning on spending more than few hours with various placement options before he shows up. 

You should post a pic on Virtual Systems. It would give us an idea of what is going on.

Use them with the foam? LOL  I hope you are successful, or else they need to be returned!  ;)   I know, I'm a big help.

No way to teeter totter them by putting cushions under one end, then lifting the other and kicking more cushions underneath to raise up the speaker and get the foam off? Just don't put cushions under the grills! We don't want dented drivers!