Funny question, 170lb speaker and foam base, how to remove?.

I got large speakers shipped recently but I am yet to find a way to safely remove bottom foam base which the speaker seems to firmly sit on. 

The foam holds the speaker base, and the speakers feet are in the foam. Is there no way to safely remove the foam without wrecking it?.

Lifting the speaker is just not possible, nor tilting it, the foam is pretty thick and the speaker cannot be made to slide out of the foam since feet are wedged into holes in the foam base.

I wonder how people deal with large speakers shipped to their homes seems like quite a task unboxing and placing etc.
Made it over to Springfield this past Sunday and spent three hours with  Bill Dudleston (thanks for taking the time out of your Sunday morning) auditioning the Whisper & Aeris with the Wavelet processor.

Down payment for the Whisper/Wavelet to be sent out shortly. Waited twenty years to get here, now I will be able to enjoy them for the next twenty plus.

@geek101  Did you get everything integrated with your home theater alright.

I have been back and forth with Bill over this and even though not entirely certain on the details, I am confident that it will work out.
@rocknss congrats. I did integrate into my HT. I use wavelet for 2.1 channels, wavelet 
correction is always on. Reciver calibration is done with a preset volume on Wavelet. There are two inputs on wavelet you can use for left and right from reciever. My 2 channel bliss is via USB input. So bypassing the reciever path for it. 

The sub gets two inputs one from wavelet and other from reciever. 

I hope this helps. 
Thanks geek101

Yeah, Bill sent me a bit more info that cleared things up. What I couldn't figure out was what was going to control the volume. 

HT Receiver pre-outs L/R go to analog inputs on Wavelet. Then Wavelet has a Theater setting that locks in the Wavelet volume ant the HT Receiver controls volume of all channels and Wavelet does dsp on L/R.

Like you I will be using USB for 2 channel audio. Phoned in my down payment this morning, so about a month.