Furetech power cable and shielding

We all want the best from our gear, wright ?

So my question is if i should connect the shielding of my furetech cable or not?

if yes then only to main side or both ends ?

advice is welcome



Why the wall side only?

  • This is refered to s a "Floating Shield"
  • it will "wick away" any EM/RFI noise to the ground pin - to earth
  • connecting it a both ends may allow EM/RFI into the components circuitry - not good

This is a common technique that can be applied to any cable (i.e. interconnct, mains and speaker cables), PROVIDED the cable has a shield as well as a neutral and signal wire.

Regards - Steve


Some say you should complete the circuit and attach a wire on the female end of the Shield back to the male side shield. I’m not saying the ground plug on the connector. I read about this on audiophile style and it made a difference in my system with a lower noise floor and tonality. 
try it before you knock it.