Furniture-grade cd storage

Metal and/or plastic like Boltz don't suit - I'm a wood kind of guy. Minimum 300 capacity, 500 preferred. Willing to pay up for good quality. Three weeks of searching the web and haven't found anything that I really like. Save me from simply having to settle.

Many thanks.
I had an extraordinary unit made of cherry, purplehart and walnut by a cabinet maker. It has architectural details and holds just short of 1000 cds. It costs like furniture and it looks like fine furniture. If anyone is interested in another idea in this area, write me and I'll email a picture to you.

Bill E.
Check out Sam's club. I bought one from there which holds about 550 cd's. It is an oak mission style cabinet with 5 drawers in the middle and doors with storage on each end. It is about 40 inches tall and 28 inches wide. Kind of plain looking but very functional with good build quality. I paid $169 and thought it was a steal. Better hurry though. It's been a couple of months since I bought mine and I don't know how long they will stock them
Check out the oak CD storage Cubes by Lorentz Design. They have 3 drawers,hold about 300 discs and are really beautiful furniture. I have 4 of them.
I may get a laugh but I bought mine from BMG ( They used to have a 500, a 1000, and a 1500. I paid either $125 or $150 for the 1000. The black oak matches my black oak Thiels exactly. I used an IKEA dresser mounting strap (screws into the rack and wall) and it's literally unmovable. It came with more than enough shelves (I have three or four stacked on the bottom) and plenty of holes so you can store almost anything on it. I'm gonna be looking for another one soon to store my VHS tapes and DVDs. I can't seem to find it on their web site but I remember it being in their accessories catalog.