Furutech / Air Tight LP Flattener - do they work?

I am wondering if anmyone has actually bought used either of these LP flatteners and how well they work??

I find a lot of general new releases are dished, so record clamp works great on one side, but not on the other due to the dishing?.
Do they flatten dished or bowed LP's.

Sirspeedy: thank you ! Great input, exactly what I was waiting. So succion platters are not ideal for warped records, but the main benefit is a sonic one I believe, ond not a small one if I understand what you and Raul say.
I have a VPI ring clamp that I use for non-flat records ( quite common with those new USA reissue unfortunately ) and I am very happy with this device, beside beeing a pain to put on each side. Of course I am VERY careful when I low the arm (never drunk or stoned ! ) If I break my Allaerts I will suffer major depression !
I'm trying to contact Byfo about purchasing his Air Tight DT-01 mentioned below.

05-29-08: Byfo
I have the Air Tight unit and very seldom use it. I have been lucky with my LP purchases. It has performed well the few times I have used it though. As Yagbol2 suggests, it would be cheaper to look for another copy.
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I'm lo-tech (but high science) and posted this question a few days ago and still no response from the moderator unless that is hidden somewhere on this site. I couldn't even turn up Byfo in the search window but luckily when I googled again, the link that led me to this part of the site appeared again.

Does anyone have one of these for sale? Does anyone know of one that does the 3 basics sized for vinyl (7,1- & 12 inch) as well as for same with 78s? I was told by a dealer that Orb makes one but it doesn't work on 78s. when I replied asking him if he'd tried it on 78s, or the manufacturer specifically states that it won't work for 78s and he's never replied. I can't imagine what would prevent the machine from working on 78s and if I had access to one, I could easily experiment, but I don't. One of the other posters talked about the Org which apparently has instructions in Japanese only. Can anyone help? I have the money ready.
Try the Vinyl Flat and pouch. It works great, especially for dish warping on new heavy vinyl. $150 complete.
Cannot comment on if it works with 78's. I doubt it due to different formulation of the vinyl.

5 years later, mine still works perfectly (except crap GZ digital vinyl which has softer different vinyl formutaion).

It is especially useful with US pressings which are invariably dished and the Orb flattens them a treat.

good luck in finding one, or buy one from ebay