Furutech GTX NCF receptical break in, how long

Bought NCF with 6 day burn from seller. I have it burning in last 5 days on 2 cheap power bars with old desk top towers, fans, TiVo box, home theater amps. My amp and Preamp, phono stage and CD player are all tube so I don't use them. Ran system on outlet tonight and no bass, bright, sounds bad. First day with outlet it sounded very nice. Any owners of rhodium outlets can tell me what I'm in for time wise, or what to expect sound wise in next couple weeks, thanks
Just a thought but if Ozzy was using his BSG qol Signal Completion Stage in his system that component might mask and/or smooth over the break-in of the new Fureutech outlets.
I suppose any thing is possible since all our systems are unique. 
Does Furutech provide any recommendations?

@paulcreed 500hrs that's the  number for sure, not just my opinion.
450hrs one day ago, your almost there! My prediction Wednesday you will be one happy camper. 
@ paulcreed, I believe auxinput nailed it on the head with this,  quote- In the end, I think it depends on how much resolution the system has.  If you are working with a very warm sounding system, these burn-in exercises may not affect you quite as much.  However, with a very revealing system, you could be in for a long term burn-in experience.  Though, Rhodium is the way to go if you want the best in resolution.             Personally I run my tube/solid state hybrid digital player with a $5,500.00 power cord that has oyaida plugs on it straight to the amplifier,  so yes, absolutely,  it has to do with resolution of any given system. 
So, this +- 500 hr breakin, is that for the duplex unit as a whole, or per plug?  I would imagine if crystals need to allign, or whatever else voodoo is taking  place, needs to happen where ever current flow takes place, so each recepticle needs roughly that time?