Fuse question


I have a Perreaux 1150B and while taking a peek at the fuses I noticed the the rating at 5 amps continuous and 10 amps. Does this mean 5 amps min with a max of 10 amps? What would I need if I wanted to change fuses? I don't know if these are the stock fuses since I'm not the original ownwer and the lit I printed does not have this info. Thanks to all.
I don't know your amp,but that sounds more like an amps power consumption rating.The fuses in it most likely have a single rating on them.IE,5 amp 250 volts,or 5 amp,125 volts.If it doesn't say where the fuse is mounted,let someone who knows, see the fuse.In general,a fast blow may have one solid wire in them.A slow blow may have a spiral looking type of wire in it.These are for glass fuses in general,and may not always apply.
Thanks Hifihvn,

I did get some other info eleswhere similair to your reply and I thank you.