Fuselier 3-3 Speakers value, quality, reviews

I just came into these wonderful speakers. They appear to be a 3-way tower speaker roughly 32 inches tall and a 12 x 12 inch frame. I can't seem to pinpoint a manufacturing date or any basic info as far as output, size and range of the speaker components since they didn't include the manual. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated because I am also trying to determine what sort of value they may have on the open market as well.
I am somewhat familiar with the speakers. My friend purchased a pair with my help. He purchased them new around 1983. Although I don't know their power handling, I remember that they were efficient speakers. They sounded very nice in their day. They were in the same class as the Vandersteen 2's. I believed they retailed for around the $1,200 range. Hope this helps.
One dealer of Fuselier quite some years ago was Fat Julian in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Julian is no longer around, although some people in that region may be of help.

I'm quite familiar with this speaker as it is my only main system speaker and I bought them new from Fat Julian's audio in 1984! A peerless imager, they have a very smooth response, good low level detail and excellent off axis performance. The drivers consist of the following: Seas 8" cone driver in a forward firing ported enclosure, a 2" Dynaudio dome midrange, flanked by two Vifa 3/4" soft dome tweeters @45 degree angles, and finally at the top a 1" Vifa soft dome tweeter. The dome drivers are mounted in an open architecture. Crossover is quasi 2nd order with crossover points of 950Hz and 2.5KHz. Sensitivity is listed as 86db, but the relatively benign phase angle makes easy to drive. I have a list of the driver model #'s and would be happy to list them if you need replacements, (assuming they're still being manufactured).
Sorry to resurrect this old thread. Great speakers, but the tweeters are not at a 45 degree angle.  More like a 30 degree angle.