Fuses fuses fuses

Ok, this is about fuses

1- a standard Bussman fuse is UL approved. Are any "high end" fuses UL approved?

2- do any component manufacturers supply their gear with any of the usual suspects of high end fuses as opposed to a standard Bussman?

3- let's say fuses do make a difference. Given incoming power is AC, why could fuses be directional? 

Not meaning to light any fires here- 

thanks in advance 

"It is always good to remember that 'objectivity' in all derivations of the word and it's attached vectors and meanings..... exists solely at the will, whim, desires, aims, and projected stance - of an exclusively subjective reality."

This should be patently clear to all that this the type of newspeak namby-pamby that clouds discussion obscures meaning and denies the very existance of science. If this claim were true there would no way to launch a satellite into orbit no way to develop a new antibiotic and in fact no way to even balance a simple checkbook. This is the type of "theory" that is used by deniers of all persuations to further their agenda without letting facts such as well settled science get in the way but of course it is not a "theory" at all it is nonsensical posturing.
It takes a certain depth of self awareness and intellect to derive the given point in logic, and it’s origins in the world of logic.

The vaster components of human reality reject it (ie the bulk of humanity), due to the origins of ’mind’ ...and logic being formed and ensconced in mind and body.... but that does not make it any less true.

If one researches this given point, that is what they will find.

The concept of objective reality has been useful, yes, but it remains a concept -- and by all logic, cannot slip the confines of subjective origin and carrier.

It’s sort of a ’round about way of saying that observation cannot be dismissed... and the very incomplete science of engineering in audio is not an ultimate truth.

This question of fuses, for example, has multiple complexities in it's envelope of points and ’facts’, and only when the bulk of them have been properly worked out, does a more clear answer emerge.

This is not a ’first past the post’ kind of endeavor with regard to defining and reaching an answer. Even a three year old can tell you who won a horse race, and this question and answer set of ’fuses in audio’ is as far from such a simple concept as a horse race -as you can imagine.

The number of variables are not overly high and do not present too much complexity, but mind, ahhh..mind... the given mind in the question and data sets which might potentially be discerned....~that~ is another matter altogether.

My mother ... an 8th grade drop out in the 30's taught me two very relevant lessons in life ... she was the person most responsible for teaching me all about Osmosis

She would frequently say ..."Shut your mouth and finish your supper" ..

She also taught me to learn to identify the insignificant and then disregard it ... I'm sure most of you know all about Osmosis ...

In an effort to be completely Transparent ... I do use Hi Fi Tuning Supremo fuses .. the $90 a pop silvers ... my amp requires 5 and my CD player uses two .. one at the inlet and one internally ... after spending over $650 and yes I heard a slight improvement ... I questioned if I could not have spent the $650 elsewhere in the system ... like room treatment and experienced a greater improvement for the money spent

I attributed the improvement the fuses brought to the ceramic body vibrating less than the glass body used in a typical fuse ... also the silver end caps and silver/gold wire also I'm sure helped over the typical low grade conductor used again in a typical fuse

As in the movie The Fifth Element like the priest Father Vito Cornelius said to the President ... "I have a different opinion" and when it comes to conductors so do I

Look at various type of conductor materials ... Brass 60% copper 40% alloy .. Phosphorous Bronze 90% copper 10% alloy and the Beryllium's at mid 90% copper with 5% or less alloy ... it's not the higher percentage of copper that brings the improvement but the lower percentage of degrading less conductive alloy ...

 IMO the higher the percentage of less conductive alloy the more comprised the performance of the conductor

As far as fuse direction-ality I'm still out to sea as I feel the AC current travels in both directions during one cycle ... but next time I visit my 94 year old mother at our Lady of Perpetual Rest nursing home I will seek her infinite wisdom on this subject

Geoffkait ... many thanks for the Gold Star you presented me earlier in this thread ... if I send you my Payapl address can I have the money instead   :-))

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Why put a $50 fuse in a $0.5 fuse holder? Any audiophile approved fuse holder in the market?
good fuse-holders are generally copper alloy, silver plated in many cases, are available.

Non magnetic direct plating, in some. (no magnetic intermediary plating, ie nickel based)