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Ok, this is about fuses

1- a standard Bussman fuse is UL approved. Are any "high end" fuses UL approved?

2- do any component manufacturers supply their gear with any of the usual suspects of high end fuses as opposed to a standard Bussman?

3- let's say fuses do make a difference. Given incoming power is AC, why could fuses be directional? 

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There are fuses that are made to be soldered in, they look like resistors, and don't cost much. I use them on conservatively rated power supplies for exactly this reason.
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Here is my dilemma: I notice that with the SR Black & Red which i have on most of my equipment; I have one in the amp, preamp and cd player. Man... ever so often these fuses would blow out on me. Should i up the rating say from a 4 amp to 5 amp?   Also, in regards to warranty, are the fuses cover under a 5 years warranty from Synergistic ( according to their website). I went and did a search but it only mentioned other accessories but not fuses. Any members who had the same experiences with warranty would want to help me out on this?   I did call them and they stated that it's only a 30 days warranty. I am out of luck? I am not too happy with their customer services!

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Should i up the rating say from a 4 amp to 5 amp?
That’s been debated extensively in the "Synergistic Red Fuse" thread, with disagreement even among the technically-oriented people. Given that detailed information defining the technical parameters and blow characteristics of the SR and most other audiophile-oriented fuses is not available, and given also that the answer may very well depend on the unspecified surge currents ("inrush currents") that briefly occur when a component is turned on (which in turn will vary widely in both magnitude and duration among different components), there is probably no way to provide a definitive answer.

But FWIW the opinion I expressed in the SR thread was basically that the various reports of failures that have been posted (by at least seven people in the past year or two) suggest that a 5 amp SR fuse may actually be closer in its blow characteristics to a 4 amp "standard" fuse than a 4 amp SR fuse would be. Which if true would say that the rating that is used should be higher than the rating of the stock fuse. Others disagree with that philosophy, however.

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