Fuses on Magnepan .7 speackers

I have a new pair of Magnepan .7 speakers and have heard that the fuses in them are low quality and that I can actualy improve the performance of the speakers by replaing the fuses.

has anyone had experience with replacing fuses on there maggies?

@grekon39- ".....there are definitely two sides of the fence on this one." One could certainly say that! If you haven’t perused the offerings/opinions, in the following threads, you might be interested. Don’t know how many responses are based on speaker fuses, though I noticed a couple, in the second thread. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/the-new-synergistic-research-blue-fuses and(back a tiny bit farther): https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/synergistic-red-fuse
I have had both MMGs and MG12s (now called .7).
I reconnected them to by-pass the fuse.
The difference in transparency and clarity is obvious.
If you trust your amp and run it well below its capabilities, just by-pass.
I have had MMGs driven by a qsc pro-amp at absurd SPLs for 15-20 minutes at a time and never had a problem.
So much about this subject already.     @roberjerman. You are still at it I see. In some of my rigs, I have bypassed the fuses, and it made quite a difference. In other parts of my rigs, I have upgraded my fuses, and it has made a difference. I mentioned in another post, that three things are happening ( with you and a few others ). ( 1 ) Your system in not high def enough to hear these differences. ( 2 ) You have never tried bypassing or upgrading a fuse. ( 3 ) Your hearing is the issue. No one has indicated it has changed the tone. What I can tell you is, I hear more of the recorded information. So stop being a troll, and let the adults chime in, or continue, if you wish, as , I don’t really care what you have to say. Enjoy ! MrD.
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