I’ve read of views on whether amp fuses impart any sound quality or coloring. I had a recent experience that has made me re-think my views (fuses do not affect sound) and wondered if others had a similar experience. 
I have a Line Magnetic integrated amp. After heavy regular use for over 5 years, one day it just wouldn’t power up. After checking the power supply, I assumed it must be a blown fuse. I recalled that Line Magnetic sent with the amp two replacement fuses of the same type/quality that was pre-installed. I dug out one of them from storage, replaced the fuse and the amp powered up normally. 

What surprised and delighted me was the change in sound with the replacement fuse. Fuller bass, more detail and more warmth. I have rolled the tubes several times in the amp, and am attuned to the subtle changes that can make. Popping in a fresh fuse seems to have had a similar affect. And these appear to be cheap fuses, available for a few dollars at most. I don’t think I understand any of this. 
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^^^ That's what I was thinking, Tommy. A much nicer place without him for sure.


So I installed the other .01uf Tinned Cooper Duelund on the mids capacitors, 115.8uf. The mistake i made the first time around was installing them at the furthest point away from signal output, after reinstalling them in the 1st position, they also sound amazing. 

Resolution, timbre, coherency, and soundstage all saw quite amazing improvements. My speaker system was absolutely nothing to sneeze at before the installation, but these have been a a extremely nice surprise. 

I am now solidly in the camp of bypassing crossover caps with small foil types 🙏 Sorry George. 

I still have 100's of hours before they fully settle in, can't wait to hear the final end result. 


Yep, the Duelund .01uf on crossover caps is a wonderful thing, I use the silver foil on Jupiter VT. I use same as bypass on my custom built 300B amps power supply to good effect. I've never bypassed coupling cap, never felt the need to experiment here.