Fusion - Any Recommendations?

I really love this Italian 70's progressive group called AREA that are more like avant-garde fusion than anything else. Who knows a little about fusion and can recommend some classic must-haves?
I'll second Billy Cobham - all of his
Also some of my favorites:
- Jan Hammer - "First Seven Days"
- Brand X (Their first, all of them)
- Jack Lancaster/Robin Lumley - "Marscape"
- Steve Kahn - "Casa Loco"
- Tunnels (descended from Brand X) - "Painted Rock", "Progressivity"
- Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior
- Stanley Clark - "Stanley Clark", "If this Bass Could Talk"
Herbie Hancock.
George Duke,
John McLaughlin,
Chick corea
Joe Zawinal
Weather Report
Jason miles
Mike Stern
Michel Camillo
Kenny Garrett
These are not "smooth Jazz" artists,so your best bet is Itunes for samples.
For those recommending groups/artists in general, can you give specific albums too as good starters? Thanks, and thanks for those who are responding...