Future DACs with Fibre Optical

I am going to need a DAC in Sept - Dec 2023 timeframe. I sold 2 Musetec 005's and 2 Sonore OpticalRendu's this week to buy a used Lumin X1. I am happy with the move since it replaced a bunch of boxes and streaming LPS's.

I was planning to use the Lumin X1 with my Livingroom  speakers direct to amp. However, when I tried the X1 with my Benchmark LA4 preamp and AHB2 monos I did not want it to leave the office system. It is rather nice combo to my KEF LS50 Meta speakers.

The main reason I got the X1 was the fibre optic streaming input. It is an excellent streamer to the internal DAC and also my external Benchmark DAC3B (used for headphones). I think the OpticalRendu maybe a touch better streaming, but both are great.

I kept 1 extra Sonore OpticalRendu around for a future DAC. Though I would prefer to find a DAC with built-in streaming fibre like the Lumin X1. Are there any upcoming DACs or upgrades to existing DACs that will incorporated fibre input streaming, like the Lumin X1?

My thinking on this is to use the remaining OpticalRendu streamer with either another  Musetec 005 or Mola Mola Tambaqui or get another Lumin X1 to go fibre. The X1 will also go direct to amp and the Musetec 005 and Tambaqui would be paired with a 2nd LA4 preamp. So that is a lot of boxes if I do not go Lumin X1  fibre again. In the Livingroom, a lot of living goes on, so I want to have as few boxes (or small form factor so easy to hide).

It would be very convenient if new DACs came with fibre. It is generally agreed that fibre is an excellent way to stream. I personally only stream fibre.


Peter W from Lumin posted on the AudioShark forum that there will not be an upgrade to the X1 in the foreseeable future. He said they have nothing better than the X1. They will continue to do firmware updates to the unit.

I know there are lots of other avenues to pursue same objective, but I'm unconvinced that they are superior to the simplicity of a direct fiber path.

I learned this the hard way with my EtherRegen in front of the X1. The X1 streaming was stopping periodically for a while. Then it started stopping regularly. I called up Uptone Audio (makers of eR) and we discussed this problem.  The guy there said that eR and ROON and X1 sometimes have issues like I was having. 

Long story short, I realized going direct from switch was simpler (maybe not the ultimate best sound). After, I took out the eR for a few days I wanted to see if putting it back in would work. Well, it did without problems (yet). However, the first drop in streaming I get I am removing the eR from the X1 and ROON. I will move the eR to the OpticalRendu, which has no issue with the eR and ROON.

KISS is also what I am going to do with streaming. 


Well, true, but no company will announce (or even mention) a new product that supersedes their current offerings until it is imminent. It kills sales.

A corollary is that no company can afford to stand-pat in a competitive market. Without further innovation they wither and die. 

LOL, I hear you. Luckily for me the EtherRegen has been unobtainium, so temptation to experiment with one hasn't been a possibility.

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@yyzsantabarbara Yep, that is correct package. I could see this Finisar as great upgrade for any fiber capable device with removable transceiver, problem is there have been instances of incompatibility. I'd estimate this upgrade to OpticalRendu at something like 25% improvement over stock, that 25% could be in actuality a game changer. I heard improved resolution/transparency within minutes of insertion, longer term will hear more analog like presentation, more ease and relaxation, lowering jitter at the transceiver has real world consequences, very impressed. At this point I'm finished with streaming upgrades, nothing left to do and no desire to change out a thing. Going back to vinyl side, have a number of recent purchases to install, trying to get my vinyl back to being worth my time.