future of 2 channel CD sound

Since everyone agrees Cds have limited sound quality, do you think
that there will be a new high definition 2 channel audio format? like a hdtv for 2 channels?

I know there is sacd and hd dvd, but people here don't seem so interested in it, or its priced too expensively.
I dont understand why hard drive recording (studio recording) is 24 bit+ but CD is only 16 bit?
if music will be via downloads, not discs does that mean musicians can sell direct to consumer, and big record labels won't need to exist?
charging consumers more and absorbing musicians' profits?
My take on CDs in general is they are dinosaurs. The music industry is looking for a way to control their product and they are losing. They are losing because they still offer CDs and our ability to move that data around. Our ability to manipulate it is their Achilles heal.

Cd's will not be sold in the future. Music, in CD redbook and higher, will only be available for download with heavy DRM attached. It will be offered for sale for one player/server per purchase. New music will suffer. The music industry will offer us crap mp3s for free or dirt cheap like the crack and marijuana dealers do in the playground to kids- to get them hooked.