Future of cables!


I know very little about cable technology & even less about quantum physics. I read this & immediately thought (10+yrs down the road) this would upend cable tech: efficiency, clarity, & probably a bunch of stuff I don’t even know about that goes into cable science.

So, say hello to your new 2030 $70k cables. I’m curious what other people think.
The whole thing is stupid because electrons aren’t the signal so it doesn’t matter how fast they move, which is about a meter an hour, first one way then the other in AC circuits. Net velocity zero.
Kijanki & geoffkait, I never knew your points.  I assumed everything came down to electrons moving.  If it travels electromagneticly & outside the cable... dumb question... then what does the cable matter?  Not being sarcastic-I’m just pretty new and not a regular or quantum physicist. lol
tochsii, The same amount of electric charge that flows to the speaker returns back to the amplifier. What is energy source then and why this energy flows always toward speaker even with direction changing AC current. It is because energy is delivered on the outside of the wire. This energy corresponds to flow of electric charge, so everything that happens in the wire affects electromagnetic field. Anytime you have electric field you also have magnetic field and vice versa. They always go in pair and affect each other. That’s why dielectric, that is on the outside of the wire, affect speed of the electric current inside of the wire.

To understand why energy is delivered only from source to load, even with AC current, imagine battery (source), two wires and resistor (load). Presence of resistor introduces electric field (voltage drop) from + to - wire, while current flow introduces magnetic field clockwise in direction of the current (right hand rule). Electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular, like X and Y axis while energy flow is perpendicular to both of them like axis Z. This is Poynting Vector showing direction of energy flow. When current changes direction both electric and magnetic fields also change direction causing Poynting vector to keep the same direction. Look at the drawing of the battery and resistor here: