Fuzzy playback

I have noticed that my system sounds fuzzy or scratchy.  I am pretty sure the ethernet connections are the fault.

I have used DeOxIt2 for years.  It has been a good fix for this problem.  For some reason, I did not do that when I added filters.  

I have seen some folks are using other contact enhancers. I don't want to spend $500 a bottle.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you.


I put deoxit on the rest of my interconnects today. That may be it. I should have known. My crossover is about 30 yrs old. The volume controls are not the best. The RCA bases are not the best. I should call Phil Marchand and get a crossover made. I also have an unknown power supply with lamp cord. So there is bang for the buck there.  Too many plug ins as we used to say on the farm.

Bang for the buck or bang your head against the wall while trying to figure out which one of these crappy connections is the culprit. Sounds like may be time to refresh some of this stuff as opposed to curing it with deoxit. Don’t need to spend a ton. Just get good cables with solid connectors. 

Hey @daledeee1 

Did you figure out a resolution to your “Fuzzy Playback”?

DeOxit?   Stabilant 22?   LinkUp Cat8 cable?   Something else?

Hoping you figured it out and might be able to help the rest of us!



Hello @rockrider. As usual it was those RCA connections at the crossover. A new crossover is $750. I chose to fix this Rean RCA base, gold plated. $10 for a set of 6. While I have it out I am replacing the volume potentiometers. I wanted stepped attenuator instead of the old one. Would not fit. So I am installing SMPT volume controls, $20 each.  $100 labor. Or I buy a new case, then I might as well buy the new crossover. We will see how this sounds.