FYI: Let visitors use your Wi-Fi for additional security

Some routers support guest networks, which are part of the primary network but use a different password (or none at all). They may also limit certain features. Guest networks are often customary for businesses but are increasingly common for home networks.

A guest network allows your guests to access the Internet and to be locked OUT of your router and all other devices on your network. Its is for improved security on your network that may, or not be needed.

I just spent 30+ minutes on the phone with LUXUL discussing my router. Finally, we setup a guest network for people to use in our home. This network will allow them 100% access to the Internet but lock them out of accessing my router directly. The LUXUL user interface to do this is horrible. OTHER newer routers are much easier to set up a home network.

Guest Network Setup information link

In addition, and more important, I wanted to learn how to set up a guest network.  I am not worried about my guests  but wanted to know the setup.  



It's not a matter of trust. Accidents happen, and offering a guest network can make that a lot less likely.


Guest networks are for security, they typically only allow access to the internet, not anything on your local network. Ideally they'll put the guests on a different IP subnet to further isolate the two. 

One mistake I see often is not password protecting the guest network. 

@hgeifman      Just look at all the hacking that happens to networks.  You have a touching faith in technology and the companies that sell it.  Don't let anyone into your internet access.

Clearthinker's fourth rule of computing: never set up a network.