FYI -New Connie Smith

Connie Smith was a big name in traditional country music thru the 1960s and soldiered on after that, until she hung it up in the '90s. She's back. Her "Long Line of Heartaches" is due out next week. He first new release in +/- 15 years.


BTW, If you don't care, please don't flame here. I'm posting for those who might want to know. Thanks in advance.
Yes she is really married to Marty. I believe since the mid-nineties. Marty used to be married to one of Johnny Cash's daughters for a brief time. I am guessing that's how he acquired some of the Cash memorabilia/guitars he owns.

The show is really killer. We get it on direct TV. He plays with the superlatives and has one guest each week. Connie always sings one song. Band is tight.

Connie's new cd is available 8/23 on Amazon. I just ordered one, after listening to samples of the cuts. Great singer, from the days when country music was country, not the rock with a twang we have served up today. Thanks for the heads up on the cd.
She recently performed live at my fav indie store Grimeys Music in Nashville. She's also the residence musician at the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Her new cd is great without the Nashville glam, just hope it comes out on vinyl.
I received Connie's new cd today, and it was worth the wait. Track #8 is worth the price of admission alone. Nice to hear some new songs by her.