Fyne Audio - Anyone heard lf it?

Whathifi has given a few of their speakers some high praise. Some of their designs look shockingly similar to Tannoy. Especially the F500 series, which is pretty much the exact same design as the XT Revolution Tannoy series. Did someone from Tannoy split off from the company?

Either way they are a nice looking speaker.


If anyone is in the Rochester, NY area or surrounding cities, Forefront Audio is a dealer for Fyne speakers. He has a few of them on display that can be heard.

I heard the F1-10 (I believe), at the recent Capital Audiofest.  It was one of the better speakers I heard at the show--very dynamic and lively without being harsh or lean sounding.  I liked it more than I liked the Tannoy speakers I've heard.  I like the higher end Tannoy speakers, but, they do have a slight sibilant edginess that the F1's manage to tame.  They were being shown with Bryston amplification (not a favorite of mine) so I would really like to hear them with some of my favorite tube amps.

This is something worth seeking out for an audition.  I believe that the dealer running the room that featured the F1 line (they had three models at the show) was from New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

The Fyne dealer at CAF was Now Listen Here located in Harrisburg, PA.

I live nearby and hope to get there soon to audition the F501.


Big Ear Stereo in Tempe, AZ is a dealer.  Tom the proprietor is quite knowledgeable about the Fyne speakers which he claims he sells a lot of and enjoys.