Fyne F703...anyone owns the ?

Hello...looking for some input on Fyne F703 speakers..any owners of this recent speaker?
I bought a f703 recently after falling in love with the Tannoy Arden speakers. f703 are great looking speakers. Was absolutely blown away with the SQ of the speakers at the shop. Still in the process of finding the right match in terms of amplifier and running the speakers in. HAve done well over 500hrs. Have used the SPEC M3-EX but currently fail to get the bass. In the process of trying McIntosh tube preamp and SS amp. Will keep you posted on the journey.  
I’m looking at the F1-8s. Finally able to get back into a local dealer in NorCal and loved the sound of the Fyne’s. I have had experience with Tannoy and lean toward their sound personality.

I did just buy the Wharfedale Elysian 2s. Not to hijack, but what an amazing speaker. Hoping to have the ability to do a side by side with the Fyne’s.

Using Roon on my front end, Qobuz to stream. Custom DAC and Purifi amplification. Finally able to get rid of older tube and SS amps....
Jim Smith of Get Better Sound, Atlanta, GA has F703's. You can read about them on AudioShark, and Jim is very eager to help if you have any questions.

I have the F704s with some 15 hours on them. Thus far I am thrilled with these speakers. The midrange presence is uncanny. Fulsome and full bodied bass coupled with balanced highs. A fun speaker with a large and expansive stage filled with richly delivered detail.

Another happy owner of the F704s here. I've had them for about six months and absolutely love them. They are fantastic speakers, beautifully balanced, dynamic as can be, and most importantly, incredibly musical. Put them in a good system and the Gates of Valhalla will open.

@grannyring just wait until you get a couple hundred hours on them! They'll open up even more and continue to improve in those areas you already mention.