Gabriel Gold IC's are they really this good?

Any one else out there using these Gabriel Gold IC's?
I need to know if it is me or if anyone else finds them as good as me.
I bought a pair on auction a while back and compared them to my Stealth cables.
After about a week of going back and forth I found the Gabriel Golds to have bettered my Stealths and bought more.
Is it me?
Just wondering what some other folks who bought them think of them.
Thanks for the input.
To all who have discovered Steve's products, thank you for posting. I just pulled the trigger for a pair of Reflection IC's and also a pair of Revelation speaker cables! That oughtta make some difference in my system.

Where is the most critical place to connect the IC's? I'm assuming it would be from preamp to amps. If I can ever get a second pair, they'd go from my DAC to preamp.

I won't ask you where I should put the speaker cables.8))

the answer varies depending on the system it is in, I have found...

but, if the IC is put between the pre and amp it will affect all the sources you use for your stereo (presuming you have other sources)



Makes perfect sense. I find myself taking the lazy man's way and listening to Pandora radio, fed through a (soon to be gotten) Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 and on to my Candela tube preamp. I also will play an occasional CD on the Meridian. So, the IC's will go from pre to amps.

I can't wait until the GG's get here! I think I'll try the speaker cables first and then add the IC's.