Gabriel Gold IC's are they really this good?

Any one else out there using these Gabriel Gold IC's?
I need to know if it is me or if anyone else finds them as good as me.
I bought a pair on auction a while back and compared them to my Stealth cables.
After about a week of going back and forth I found the Gabriel Golds to have bettered my Stealths and bought more.
Is it me?
Just wondering what some other folks who bought them think of them.
Thanks for the input.
The reflection power cable is now discontinued and the new power cord is called the infusion, looks a little fatter than the reflection, I would be interested if anyone had tried this cord yet, I have to of the reflection power cables and I have the reflection interconnects, all great products
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Steve- I noticed the Halo IC's are still not listed on the website- when is that coming? Also- let me know if you are interested in a beta tester- I own Reflection IC's and SC's, and would like to see how the Halo compares...
Hello Sutts, just wondering how do you like the SC's, I have two reflection PC's and one pair IC's and love the sound. Kent

My apologies regarding the website updates.
Interconnect deletions will be the Radiance and Rev 2R
Speaker cable deletions are the Radiance,Rev 2r and Rapture R.
AC Cable deletions are the Rapture and Reflections

Additions are the Passion,Rapture V3 and Halo interconnects.Other additions will be the Infusion AC Cord and Infusion speaker cable.