Gabriel Gold Rapture - new version

Recently won a pair of the Gabriel Gold Rapture V3 IC's on auction and just wanted to comment on how good they are, not to mention how great they look. I see lots of great comments on the previous versions but nothing recently so just wanted to point out that these are currently coming up for auction and going for ridiculously low prices so far. In fact the last pair didn't even reach the insanely low reserve. No affiliation just a very satisfied customer.
I just won a pair a few days ago also.I only have a few hours on them so I really can't give any opinion yet.I can say that the build quality is fantastic and I'm using between pre and power amp.
I have two pairs one rca,s and one balanced of Gabriel Gold Rapture R,s ics i am selling my rca,s or willing to trade for an 8 foot pair of Gabriel Gold Rapture v3 speaker cables if interested i can be reached at - - - - - - or 450 638 0121 - - - Quebec Canada yep i'm a frenchman.