Gabriel Gold vs Marigo vs NBS

I got a pair of used GG Revelation 2 XLR ICs didn't sound remotely like what's being raved here. They sound way too warm. I lost details, soundstage, bass articulation, etc. The female vocal sounds burred. Everything just doesn't sound right compared to my NBS Master and Marigo Audio Labs 8.8.

Does GG requires very very long break-in, or something I missed?

My setup has Wadia (preamp) + Llano A200 (amp)/Kora Galaxy Ref(amp) + NBS Professional speaker cables + Granite Audio digital coax + Vienna Acoustics Mahler speakers.
You need to move up to at least the GG Rapture 'r', or better yet, the Reflections...
Bsimpson: You are pretty much the only other person here, other than myself, that was disappointed with GG cables. I took a lot of flack in the GG thread but it did not matter. In my system, I heard what I heard, and I described it in detail. And the 150 hours burn-in achieved nothing.

As for needing to move up to another GG level, I don't buy it. The original poster of the GG thread claimed the Revelation far out-performed the Stealth Indra. My experience with the Stealth, Purist Dominus, K-S Emotion and Jade Audio Hybrid, all indicated the GG Revelation was quite a step behind in performance in the key area to me: portrayal of space. However, I did find the GG to have good tonal coherency so I am puzzled with your findings here.

As for cables that cause haze and blurring, the NBS very much reign supreme in this regard. My system was fully loaded with NBS Statement for many years until a friend and a visit by a cable maker made me realize how poorly-performing the NBS cables are. They were gone and resolution and clarity were in.....and the great dimensionality that I liked about the NBS was there with these later cables.
I am with the Fox on this one. It is easy to fall for the hype and buy cables and even write poetically about them until you came to your senses and realize what a dumb ass you are.

I have made an ass of myself for raving about gear/wire only to find out I feel for the hype.

The Refection is a good cable but way to much $$$ for what you get.