Gain specs for Jolida JD-9A phono preamp

I'm considering this phono preamp, but I'm confused about the gain specifications. Here they are from Jolida's Web site:

MM: 70 dB, 5 mV
MC High: 85 dB, 0.5 mV – 1.5 mV
MC Low: 95 dB, 0.25 mV – 0.5 mV

Currently, I own a Shure V15 (3.5mv) and a Denon 103R (.2mv). I run the Shure at 40dB and the Denon at 60 dB with my Hagerman Bugle and that seems to be plenty of gain in both cases. The gain calculator at the KAB Web site returns figures very close to the ones I use now. Gain specs for most other phono pres are right in that same range.

So why are the gain numbers of the Jolida 30-35 dB higher? Do they use a different scale than other manufacturers? Is this unit designed to run directly into a power amp? It doesn't appear to have a volume control. Maybe a Jolida owner can enlighten me.


I've considered using a step-up while decreasing the gain of the Bugle. Here on Audiogon there is certainly passion on both sides of the SUT discussion. Have you used the Lundahl? What was your experience?
I have the K&K Audio Lundahl step-up and am using it with the Hagerman Trumpet. I have the 14db configuration (1:5 ratio), but Kevin supplies the schematic and if you can solder it will be easy to change to a 20db or 26db configuration. With the 14db setting total gain for my Benz L2 low output cartridge is 58db. Since I have a high gain amp and adjustable gain on my preamp this is enough for me. The other nice thing about the K&K step-up is you can easily plug in different resistor values to change the cartridge load. The Trumpet, like the Bugle is set at 47k ohm. I use a set of 47k ohm resistors in the step-up and the net is 940 ohms which works nicely with the L2 (there is a spreadsheet on the Galiber Design website that shows you the various calculations based on resistir values).

The K&K comes as a kit or Kevin can assemble it for you. You could also just buy the transformers and build your own. In all, this has been a great addition to my Trumpet and after about a 100 hours of break in (you can connect the output of the step-up to the output on your CDP to break it in faster) the step-up was good to go.
Well I had the K&K Lundahls before using the Jolida, truly a great product. I had the 20 gain version with the upgraded rca's. Truly quiet in my house, so RF is not a problem. Fast and detailed. One might come up used here, since that's were I got mine($200). It gave me the best bass so far, until the Jolida.