Gainclone chip amp

This post is geared toward owners or previous owners of this diy amp. I probably should have inqired with the diy site but wanted to hear what A-goners may have to say. This is my first chip amp and after seeing many auctions and ads here and on ebay I decided to take the plunge. On the technical side of things the layout looks very simple. No huge caps or numerous parts. I do know that this design is from the 47labs camp but not all that familiar with the product. As for sonics this an amazing piece of gear. My amp is supposed to be 60w into 4 ohms and I suspect there may be more power to boot. I can't figure out where all this sound is coming from with the small caps and all Must be in the chips. Like I said amazing. For the rest of my system I'm using a nad 304 as the pre, nad tuner, philips sacd player, and epos ELS3 spkrs. I plan on upgrading my pre(used sugden)and possibly selling the 304. Well just wanted to share my thoughts and look for any advise or info on possible tweeks for this jewel of a amp. Enjoy the music!
Hello all, It's been awhile since I looked at the thread and wanted to know what differences there are between the gainclone chips. I have seen numbers like 3886,3875 etc. I thank you in advance and good listening.
The 3875 is lowest power - maybe 20-40 watts. Others are higher power 60-100 watts if memory serves me.
Here's a gainclone at a good price for anyone interested in trying one out Dual Mono Gainclone $250 shipped. Not affiliated with the seller. I just think it's a great deal.

Good listening!!