Gaining Audio Equipment Knowledge? Want Pre+Amp Under 3K

Quite a dilemma being a bit older and on a bit of a limited budget.  Of course being able to hear anything is the best way to decide upon differences in what pleases you but is not easily done when living out in the sticks as well.  I now want to move up from decent receiver to preamp/processor and amplifier setups but need to keep it under 3K at this point.  Home theater setup, 5.2 with front 2 biamped at this point with many speakers I could use in fact already surround backs not being used due to biamping.  Music is probably more important than movies though.  Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

Looks interesting though I'm hoping for a 7.2 or even more possible.  I have 7.2 speaker setup with front height speakers on the wall doing nothing right now due to the bi-amp of the fronts.  It really opened them up to me. 
I was offered this deal, a new Sunfire TGA-7201 with a refurb Marantz AV-7702 for 2800.00???  Y only negative ther is a 7 Ch. amp with a 11.2 Ch. Proc/Pre.
The older gear is going cheap now with 11.2 coming out. You can always add more Sunfire or B&K amps. I would try and stick with all the same brand speakers and amps. Think longer term for these components. Find what you like and build from there. Processor will date more quickly.
A little late for the speakers at this point.  Front three are the same then whatever I found I thought sounded good and was a good deal, used mostly.  It could get weird adding amps I would think???  I realize most are stereo/2 channel audiophile purist people here, way out of my league.  I was just hoping to try to get some grasp on the vast knowledge shared here.