Galion TS120

So this seems to be a bit weird. Thomas Tan from Thomas & Stereo is touting this as his improved version of the Doge 10. He’s having all of his YouTube buddies review the amp.

I’ve checked a number of the forums and I can’t find a single post about this amp. There is a very strange "post" where you would look for the Doge 10 by the co-creator of that amp who seems very upset about the Galion TS120 and the fact that they took the Doge 10 off the market even though the Galion TS120 is almost the same thing.

Ron, from New Record Day, has a video where he compared the Fusion Black Ice F35, the Rogue Cronus Magnum III, the Galion TS120 and the LTA Z40+i with sound samples and a reference. I listened and thought that the LTA was the best with the Galion second although it was a closer second than it should have been given the price differential.

So, anyhow, my questions are whether anyone has bought this or knows about it and/or has some thoughts about it.



@rajugsw thanks for your feedback. You're the only one in this thread who actually has hands on the amp. I was mainly concerned because of the posts on the Doge site and the seeming lack of full disclosure about the amp including whether the glare which could be a problem for some with the Doge 10 was still there.  

I never thought that the Galion was a scam, I just wanted some feedback outside the inner circle. 

@dz13 I totally understand your point. Thomas has shown the Amp in Montreal, Toronto, & now Chicago (Axpona) next month. He has been dealing with this confusion for a while now and clearing the air. But it HAS NOT affected his sales and even the CEO of Doge has reached out. They want this Amplifier to be successful and I’m sure it will be based on what I've heard and played with so far.



The whole Galion thing is weird and unnecessary given the number of options in the tube integrated market.

I always thought Doge’s decision to undermine sales ( or risk their reputation ) of their own product in order to fill orders for a YouTuber an odd one. Thomas is admittedly “not technical”, why would Doge let someone with his background direct a product and release it under a different label? Is the expectation that his small circle of YouTube pals will generate enough interest in Doge to allow for sales by association? Conversely, any future amplifier “reviews” set to reduce his credibility since he’s essentially a competitor this market. 

Also curious how warranty and repair claims are handled…I would hope these are under Doge’s purview. The whole thing seems set up to simply allow a YT personality an opportunity to play manufacturer like playing car designer.


The Galleon evolution has been a fun trip to watch and Thomas has been pretty up front about it.  He had the idea to monetize his youtube following and voice an offshore  built amp to fit his idea of a better sound.  He even had followers comment on the faceplate markings as he developed it.  One of the interesting parts of his learning curve was the realization that to get where he is today required lots of capacitor trial and error that changing one set could undue the positive effects of the changes he just made.  I'm sure that Thomas has a huge amount of time and had to commit to quite a few units to bring the Galleon to market.  He originally proposed the amp under $3000 but it's now approaching double that.  

I haven't heard the amp and it isn't really something that would I would use in my current system but I'm sure it's fine and  cost competitive with other amps out there.  My only issue is that knowing Thomas has a financial interest in a product, how does this affect his reviews?  





I am very familiar with Thomas, and I watch all of his videos. So please take a minute to read what I have to say regarding this amp.


The Gallion TS120 is made by Doge, AFAIK, it's a collaboration between Thomas and Doge. From Thomas own words, I have to assume and conclude Thomas only worked on the voicing aspect of the amp, most of it is just the work of Doge with their own product. 


From what I can read on the website, Thomas isn't to blame for what is being discussed in this thread. The 1st crucial piece is the boss Mr. Liu doesn't like direct sales, and he wants to go back to OEM. You can tell Mr. Liu wants to pull the plug on the direct-sale approach. 


The 2nd crucial piece of information is Doge own management (has nothing to do with Thomas) doesn't want the doge10 to compete with Gallion TS120. Both product are from Doge. I have to assume the $3500/$4500 TS120 is better profit for Doge than the $2000 doge10. 

You can clearly tell this is Doge's work and decision to maximize profit. The 3rd piece of information is "if the TS120 sale is robust, doge10 MK4 will be kicked out even though it's a better product". 

Reading the website gives me the impression that a Doge employee is mad at Doge upper chain doing a business collaboration with Thomas.

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