Galion TS120

So this seems to be a bit weird. Thomas Tan from Thomas & Stereo is touting this as his improved version of the Doge 10. He’s having all of his YouTube buddies review the amp.

I’ve checked a number of the forums and I can’t find a single post about this amp. There is a very strange "post" where you would look for the Doge 10 by the co-creator of that amp who seems very upset about the Galion TS120 and the fact that they took the Doge 10 off the market even though the Galion TS120 is almost the same thing.

Ron, from New Record Day, has a video where he compared the Fusion Black Ice F35, the Rogue Cronus Magnum III, the Galion TS120 and the LTA Z40+i with sound samples and a reference. I listened and thought that the LTA was the best with the Galion second although it was a closer second than it should have been given the price differential.

So, anyhow, my questions are whether anyone has bought this or knows about it and/or has some thoughts about it.



I am very familiar with Thomas, and I watch all of his videos. So please take a minute to read what I have to say regarding this amp.


The Gallion TS120 is made by Doge, AFAIK, it's a collaboration between Thomas and Doge. From Thomas own words, I have to assume and conclude Thomas only worked on the voicing aspect of the amp, most of it is just the work of Doge with their own product. 


From what I can read on the website, Thomas isn't to blame for what is being discussed in this thread. The 1st crucial piece is the boss Mr. Liu doesn't like direct sales, and he wants to go back to OEM. You can tell Mr. Liu wants to pull the plug on the direct-sale approach. 


The 2nd crucial piece of information is Doge own management (has nothing to do with Thomas) doesn't want the doge10 to compete with Gallion TS120. Both product are from Doge. I have to assume the $3500/$4500 TS120 is better profit for Doge than the $2000 doge10. 

You can clearly tell this is Doge's work and decision to maximize profit. The 3rd piece of information is "if the TS120 sale is robust, doge10 MK4 will be kicked out even though it's a better product". 

Reading the website gives me the impression that a Doge employee is mad at Doge upper chain doing a business collaboration with Thomas.

I’m not speaking as a fan of Thomas, I’m just simply deducting logic from the website. There is absolutely no way The TS120 can compete with the Doge10 if it’s 95% similar. Just no way. If it can’t compete and you want it to compete, what do you do? You remove the Doge10, Thomas has 0 power to do that unless it’s in Doge’s best financial interest.

Even if it’s the same exact amp, it seems like a risk of $3500-4500 on a product with ad-hoc “support” by an individual with limited knowledge of the inner workings of the equipment they’re selling. 

It is Thomas here, allow me to chime in to clarify everything.

Before we begin, let me clarify, there is Doge the main company, and the externally hired employee who controls the website.

1) Doge and Galion are 2 separate companies. I incorporated Galion here in Canada and I wanted the company to meet western standards as I was born in England and was raised in the west. For example, Galion has proper multi-million dollar liability insurance. The logo and name were registered properly, all amplifiers have certifications, and so forth

2)Doge discontinued the Doge 10 at least 6-8 months before TS120 hit the market so I was not the reason why they discontinued it. Although they do make more by selling the TS120 to me, it is not the main reason because if it were a question of money, they would have kept producing Doge 10 until the TS120 comes out. For them to give up on 6 to 8 months of profit means they had no choice. Logical? If I told you the whole story, you would shed a tear for them. It has nothing to do with the company itself.

3)Doge website is controlled by the external employee and Doge the main company have no control over what is written on it. "samureyex" deduction was pretty smart. Think about it, would a sane company write something like that about their own client?

4)Galion was a project worked on only by Doge the main company and things were kept secret without sharing anything with the external employee. That is why what is written on the Doge website is factually incorrect. For example, people who worked on the TS120 know the reason we cannot put silver VitaminQ in the TS120 is that it is not ROHS compliant. This means you cannot sell it in Europe, Canada, and some parts of the USA. The only ROHS silver vitamin Q in North America is in my hands right now recently developed by Jupiter for me. You will see it in the upcoming Galion Solidstate amp. The upgrades in the TS120 were all done by Doge so obviously they would not put any "signal blocking stuff" that would be bad for the amp as claimed on the Doge website. (Run by the external employee)

5)Doge 10 was $2100 when they stop producing many months ago. So imagine if they start selling it again. It would probably be $2250 (due to inflation) + 30% tariff ($675)+ DHL ($400) = $3325 USD to your home. Yes, those are the hidden cost many of you did not pay attention to. While the TS120 normal edition is $3500 (Not a penny more) to your home.

So what do you get for about $175 more?

1) A better amplifier. 6 months of my life tuning the sound. (Does anyone want to pay me 6 months of salary? Do you know how much I was making before? Please add that to the cost of the TS120) I worked with 2 other experts outside Doge (one of them is the designer of the upcoming Galion Solidstate amp) and with Doge closely to fine-tune the amp. The amp also had custom parts made by Jupiter (TS120SE) to get it to sound the way I want. I hate bright-sounding amps with a passion. The amp is designed by Mr. Liu the CEO and I insisted that he print his name on the back of the TS120. No company does that, I wanted to recognize him for his work because I was raised in a western society where I learn to give credit where credit is due.

People keep using terms like 95% of Doge 10 without knowing the design differences between both amps. If they are so similar, they would sound similar. One amp is bright and one amp is not. If you like to believe a Toyota is 95% of a Lexus, more power to you.

2) Warranty by Galion. All issues are resolved super fast. I have the full support of Doge so all technical questions that I cannot answer are handled by them. They even called a client for me. Many components are stored in North America for faster service. For example, If there are any tube issues, it only takes a few days to get a new replacement. Also, I would instantly swap a brand new unit when I find the issue too long to fix. (Only happened once) This is only possible because I priced the units correctly to allow me to give excellent customer service.

3) All emails are answered in a reasonable time. (I gave up my job to do this because this is what I would expect from any company, to answer me quickly)

4) Free HIFI gear advice (Yup, I get a lot of those)

5) Warehouses in US and Canada for faster delivery going forward. (I will have TS120SE stock up soon too)

There is a reason why Jay made a video complaining about the poor customer service of Doge. Customer service was done by the same person maintaining the website. This was a source of pain for Doge as it affected their reputation. Another reason they rather just deal with me. If you were Doge the owner, how would you feel when your own website trashes your own client? Why not fired the employee? Once again, I don’t want to talk about it as it involves sharing medical information.

6) The version Jay heard was the Alpha version. It is because of him I had to work harder and went back to the drawing board. If it takes tube rolling to get the amp to sound good, it means I had failed. I wanted it to blow people away with stock tubes.
Jay finally heard the latest version and he was so impressed he asked me to bring it to Axpona with him to launch his secret speaker.

Here are actual owners who share their experience with the TS120 with photos as proof.


Finally, I want to apologize to everyone for all this mess. I try my best to keep quiet but I see people keep accusing me of all kinds of things that simply are not true. I try my best to be respectful no matter what and that is why I wrote this message in a neutral tone. If you have any questions, instead of making things up or imagining things, email and ask me. If needed, I will get the CEO of Doge to contact you directly and yes, I had to do it for a few people. I don’t like going back and forth on a forum so I will not debate anyone here.



And there you have it folks. Thanks Thomas. I'm having too much fun with the TS120 Amp. Toobs are for Boob !

Please keep any posts going forward positive and any questions, of course Thomas is an email away and truly is quick to respond.

Meanwhile, I'll still be Schilling for his Amps. Cause they are that good !


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