Galion TS120

So this seems to be a bit weird. Thomas Tan from Thomas & Stereo is touting this as his improved version of the Doge 10. He’s having all of his YouTube buddies review the amp.

I’ve checked a number of the forums and I can’t find a single post about this amp. There is a very strange "post" where you would look for the Doge 10 by the co-creator of that amp who seems very upset about the Galion TS120 and the fact that they took the Doge 10 off the market even though the Galion TS120 is almost the same thing.

Ron, from New Record Day, has a video where he compared the Fusion Black Ice F35, the Rogue Cronus Magnum III, the Galion TS120 and the LTA Z40+i with sound samples and a reference. I listened and thought that the LTA was the best with the Galion second although it was a closer second than it should have been given the price differential.

So, anyhow, my questions are whether anyone has bought this or knows about it and/or has some thoughts about it.



Me thinks I would steer clear of racks and avoid Thomas and Doge. To many other great choices with solid companies. 

1- The Gallion lists for $4495.  The Doge listed for $1999.  $4495 for a piece of ChiFi? 

2- The NRD video makes them sound more alike than different.  Having owned one of these amps and heard another extensively they are as different as night and day.   My personal recommendation would be the Rogue CM III- IF you can get it stocked with KT 120 tubes.  Not an easy thing to do these days.


The $4495 is for the special edition. The standard model Galion is $3495. Having looked at the website, I think the only model Doge they are selling is the Doge 7 not the Doge 10 and it is a special anniversary sale for cash only.  

Thomas posted above:

5)Doge 10 was $2100 when they stop producing many months ago. So imagine if they start selling it again. It would probably be $2250 (due to inflation) + 30% tariff ($675)+ DHL ($400) = $3325 USD to your home. Yes, those are the hidden cost many of you did not pay attention to. While the TS120 normal edition is $3500 (Not a penny more) to your home.

Thomas also pointed out the differences in the amp you get for $175 extra as well in his post. As for the "ChiFi" comment I suppose that is meant to be a derogatory comment about where the product is made. There are numerous products that posters like that are made in China (even if designed elsewhere) or designed and made in China. There is no reason to be dismissive of a product for that one reason. For example Line Magnetic and Prima Luna. 

If you have heard and didn't like the Doge, that is fair comment. It is also fair to recommend alternatives.